Going Beyond the Classroom

Student life at Webster Thailand is more than sitting in a class. At Webster Thailand, there are many events and activities designed to entertain, inform and challenge. Faculty, staff and students also work together to organize network opportunities from academic conferences and workshops to forums.

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Student Government Association

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The clubs and activities you participate in during your studies are an essential part of student life. The quality of student life, experience of individual students and a strong sense of community are at the heart of the SGA at Webster Thailand. As well as advocating on behalf of students’ right and needs, the SGA is an avenue through which students can raise concerns and even make recommendations to the benefit of all, uniting the views and ideas of all students on campus.


Club Opportunities at Our Bangkok Academic Center

The mission is to promote the knowledge of information technology through our social events, workshops, organized training skills and help the students by providing free services in the IT field. The IT Club also aims to promote the development and skill enhancement of the computer science students at the WUT BKK Center.

The purpose is to provide an opportunity for growing men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development. The Rotaract club not only wants to address the physical and social needs of their communities but also hopes to promote better relations between people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

The Sports Club’s mission is to provide students with skills and experiences beyond their academic requirements and give them the opportunity to enjoy their university life. The club’s vision is to become capable of playing against other universities in Bangkok.  Currently, students have badminton practice every Sunday.

The mission is to enhance an understanding and exchange the experiences of Thai language, culture, traditions, society, history. The Club wants to help connect Thai and foreign students so they can interact amongst each other and to encourage international students to communicate in Thai, so they have less obstacles in daily life interactions.

The mission of this club is to create a friendly environment and develop members’ public speaking skills using dramatic methods and enjoyable activities. Moreover, the club wishes to broaden members’ understanding of theatre, as well as create a community that would share favorite play wrights and plays. This club hopes to demonstrate that Webster University Thailand is an open-minded community, rich in diversity. In addition, it hopes that helping build students’ public speaking skills will improve their class participation, as well as help in achieving high grades in presentations.

The aim is to teach students how to use cameras and show them techniques to improve their photos and teach them basic photography.

Club Opportunities at Our Cha-am Campus

Our Business Club organizes and practices a variety of cooperative business activities, mainly dedicated to students at the University’s Cha-Am/Hua Hin campus, where the club is based. The mission and vision of the Business Club is to arrange and provide different aspects of applicable business experiences for students. 

To ensure healthy and successful activity-based learning, the club provides knowledge and skill-building opportunities through “outside of classroom” and/or “hands-on-experiences” in different areas of businesses. Career development and business acumen are promoted by having the students engage in activities designed to reflect different aspects of cooperative business, including administration (planning), finance and accounting, media communication (marketing), management (human resource), career development (internship opportunities) and social responsibility.

Formerly known as the Cheerleading Club, the Dance Club is now more than just a group of cheerleaders! They practice on campus twice (or sometimes, even thrice) every week after hours and indulge in all different types of dances. The club performs at intercollegiate basketball, football and badminton tournament that Webster Cha-am participates in with Stamford University Hua Hin, at least once every year. Membership to the club is open to all – even staff and faculty!

Focused on bringing renowned guest speakers, hosting debates and spreading news from all across the globe is the International Relations (IR) Club. The club, while related to the IR Department, is open for all students who may be interested in political debate, current affairs or just having an intellectual conversation regarding global events with some like-minded individuals. The IR Club works hard to expose the students to many esteemed guests such as former and current ambassadors, foreign dignitaries and senior officials from different NGO and INGOs. The Club is also always on a hunt for conferences that students may be a part of in hopes of always expanding their knowledge, in and out of the classrooms.

The Media Club falls under the media department and, like all other clubs, works closely with the Student Affairs Department at Webster University Thailand Cha-am Campus. The club welcomes all students, but its activities are based on media related work such as photography, videography and production. Media club also helps other clubs by taking pictures in their events and making promotional videos for publicizing their events. The W Production newsletters are also part of the media club’s work where they publish monthly newsletter to keep the students, staff and faculty updated on what’s going on at campus.

The Music Club needs not much introduction of explanation. At the Cha-am Campus, the students have access to the Music Room that has a drum-set, 3 guitars (acoustic, electric and base), an electric keyboard, amplifiers and microphones. Students contact the Music Club leaders or the One-Stop Service when they need to use the room and they can jam together or alone when they have some free time on campus. Members of the club form a band and also perform in school events when there are visitors, during club activities and at the biggest annual event – Collage of Cultures.

The Psychology Students Association at Webster University Thailand is open to all students of any major. However, students who join the club must be willing to learn and explore the field of psychology. The purposes of the club are to learn through practical experience, outside formal classroom settings, as well as to learn how to engage and work in harmony with one another.

As a club, we meet once a week and try to learn something new – or something old but in a new and different way. The members are free to share their interests, and the club tries to incorporate this into its sessions. As a club, we organize field trips, arrange fun activities and sometimes invite experienced guest lecturers. The psychology club (PSA) and the psychology department work closely together, and the club promotes togetherness. This is a great place for members to find like-minded people to share a coffee with. Snacks are also available at most meetings.

Rotaract brings together students to take action in their communities, develop their leadership and professional skills, and have fun. Rotary clubs sponsor them, but Rotaract members manage and fund their clubs independently. Past projects include English Teaching at the local Thai elementary schools, beach clean-up, blood donation, Movember and other donation projects. Community service is at the heart of Rotaract’s mission and building better leaders for the future is its goal.

Webster University Thailand’s Badminton Club practices twice a week where both male and female players are invited. There is also coaching once a week when they practice in a local court in Hua Hin City. The Club has participated in many friendly tournaments with Stamford Hua Hin, making improvements every time.

The Basketball Club at Webster Cha-am practices twice or thrice every week depending on the local tournament schedules with coaching once or twice depending on the same. Currently, there is only a men’s basketball team but there is always a space for Women’s Basketball Team in the future. The Men’s team also participates in the annual Silpakorn University Basketball Tournament where they have shown massive improvement, though they are yet to bag the first place.

The Webster University Thailand Football Club meets twice every week in order to play and practice. The practice sessions take place at SuperBo, a seven-a-side artificial grass pitch opposite the Hua Hin Hospital. While sessions can range from being relaxed to more intense in nature, everybody is invited to join, as the club seeks to foment friendship, sportsmanship and team spirit. The club also makes no distinctions between male and female players, both of whom are equally welcome to join. In addition to training, the team plays in miscellaneous friendly games and tournaments against other universities.

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