Our center is working under the supervision of the Department of Student Affairs. Your career starts at Webster University (Thailand). As a WUT student, you are here to develop both academically and professionally. The Career Planning and Development Center is interested to help you work toward your future career success by providing various services and resources for your personal and professional development.

Please spend time visiting our career page regularly to explore valuable opportunities and learn about our services and updated resources. Reserve your personal appointment directly with our Student Career Planning and Development Manager via the following email address for career advising and coaching sessions.

1. The Career Planning and Development Center offers:

  • Career advising: We help students to explore and determine their potential, interests, and career goals. You will be introduced to different tools to learn about yourself and to foster your strengths for your future career.
  • Career coaching: Our individual career coaching sessions will facilitate students with career-related skills such as job search strategies, resume building, LinkedIn profile building, cover letter writing, interview strategies, networking opportunities, and more.
  • Career events: Our Career and Internship Fairs allow students to meet with potential employers and agencies. It is also a good chance to explore possible career opportunities in various fields.
  • Career–focused training and workshops: We regularly offer career-focused workshops to equip students with necessary skills for effective job placement. They cover topics such as resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, job search tools and strategies, dress for success, personality development, soft skills, and technical skills.
  • Networking opportunities: we offer business exposure trips for students to visit and learn about particular business. Please visit our News and Events section for future announcements.
  • Online internship and job opportunities: get updates on current internship and job opening from our web page.

2. “B.E.S.T”

Because you deserve the best, along your journey at Webster University (Thailand), we recommend that you follow our “B.E.S.T” approach:

Freshman Year: B – BE AWARE of Your Academic and Career Interests.

  • Visit our Career Planning and Development Center to learn more about our career services.
  • Do self and career assessments.
  • Discuss with those who may help you identify possible career paths (family, friends, lecturer, Career Manager).
  • Take part in volunteering activities to develop personal and professional skills as well as to build network.
  • Join student clubs at the university. Teamwork is a necessary skill required by employers in 21st Century.
  • Attend our Career and Internship Fairs

Sophomore Year: E – EXPLORE Opportunities and Establish Networking

  • Discuss with your internship coordinator about the internship requirement and possible internship opportunities.
  • Build your resume and portfolio.
  • Create a LinkedIn account.
  • Schedule for career coaching with our center.
  • Familiarize yourself with different job search tools and techniques.
  • Start networking with professionals in your field of study.
  • Attend career-focused training and workshops.
  • Attend our Career and Internship Fairs.

Junior Year: S – SEEK for Experiential Learning

  • Update your resume and portfolio.
  • Attend our Career and Internship Fairs.
  • Attend career-focused training and workshops.
  • Perform information interview with professionals in your field of interest.
  • Pursue an internship related to your field of study.
  • Do research about graduate schools and businesses in your field.
  • Boost your interest in new events and career trends.
  • Start job hunting one year ahead of your graduation.

Senior Year: T – TOUCH UP Your Skills and Prepare for Job Hunting

  • Visit our center to review your plans after graduation.
  • Review self and career assessment.
  • Seek to participate in workshops and training that are necessary for your future career or study.
  • Attend our Career and Internship Fairs.
  • Attend career-focused training and workshops.
  • Network with professionals in your field.
  • Update and finalize your resume and portfolio.
  • Finalize your decisions on your short-term goal after graduation.
  • Finalize your application and necessary documents for graduate schools and submit in advance.
Dr. Tipnuch Phungsoonthorn (Ning)

Contact: Dr. Tipnuch Phungsoonthorn (Ning)

Dr. Tipnuch Phungsoonthorn (Ning)

It's a pleasure and rewarding to support our students and alumni along the track of personal and professional development. Please feel free to contact us anytime or make an appointment for career coaching.

Student Career Planning and Development Manager
Department of Student Affairs +66 (0) 21-066-599 ext 9710

Office Hours:
Bangkok Center: Mon – Wed 10.00am – 16.30pm (except when in Cha-am)

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment before each visit