When you are accepted for study at Webster Thailand, the Admissions Office will send you an offer of admission including a visa letter for the Royal Thai embassy noting your status as a student. You can then use it to receive the appropriate student visa, also known as the Non-Immigrant ‘ED’ Visa “Educational Visa.” Normally, a student visa application takes four to five working days to process.


The Student Visa issued by a Thai embassy or consulate abroad is only valid for 90 days after your arrival in Thailand. Once you have arrived, registered and paid all fees to Webster Thailand, our Visa Officer will, approximately 60 days after your arrival in Thailand, accompany you to the Immigration Office in Thailand to extend your visa for six months. A student visa in Thailand can normally be extended for a maximum of one year, but we help our students to extend their visas until they complete the program.


Note: Immigration Fees, Re-entry costs, Visa Extension and other fees related to visas must be paid by the student at the Royal Thai Immigration Office as and when needed.

Immigration Charges:


  • Visa extensions: 1900 Baht per Year (Approximately $64 USD)
  • Single Re-Entry: 1000 Baht per entry (Approximately $34 USD)
  • Multiple Re-Entry: 3800 Baht per Year (Approximately $127 USD)


** A multiple re-entry is required only if you wish to exit and enter Thailand on multiple occasions while your visa is valid, e.g. for travelling to neighboring countries.


** Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to www.immigration.go.th for more information.

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