Classrooms Under the New Normal

COVID-19 has brought about changes to everyday life, and the classrooms across Thailand are no exception. When the second wave reached Thailand in early December 2020, educational institutions across the country had to return to their online modality. At Webster Thailand, we believe in following the regulations of the Thai government as they have more than excelled in controlling the pandemic situations thus far. 


While we hope for a COVID-free world in the near future, it is so important to learn to navigate the new normal. As an academic body that takes responsibility for the success and safety of our students, we have continued the online learning option for those students who feel that it is the best option for them. Schools and universities across the Bangkok metropolitan area, we have taken every precaution to ensure that the safety of our staff and students is the top priority. 


Our campus is regularly disinfected according to the regulated standards. Furthermore, social distancing in the common areas and classrooms is strongly enforced. We also provide hand sanitizers in strategic locations and require masks to be worn on the premises. We understand that monitoring the number of persons within the campus is a very necessary precaution which is why we have set up QR code check-ins at all of the major entrances. 


The pandemic has enhanced the need for community more than ever. We would like to assure our Webster community that we will adapt and excel under this new normal together and that no one is alone in undertaking the challenges of the year ahead.