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We had the privilege of welcoming 43 new students for the January 2021 intake. The new student body is made up of students from 15 different countries to include the USA, Thailand, Denmark, Russia, Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia, Maldives, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Germany, India, and Singapore. 

Our university believes in adapting to find the best solutions to continue quality education despite any challenges such as COVID-19. With the safety of our students and staff in mind, we have been offering both face-to-face and remote instruction for all of its courses since August 2020 via the Zoom platform. The Thai Government declared a National State Emergency on January 2, 2020; we shifted to remote instruction to comply with safety regulations in place. We understand that the government’s leadership has the best intentions in addressing the recurrence of cases and we will continue the virtual modality until January 30, 2020. 

Despite the social distancing, we want our students to know that they are a part of our community from their first day. Our New Student Orientation was held virtually to connect with undergraduate and graduate students. Thailand continues to handle both waves of the pandemic in a very systematic manner with high standards of safety measures. 

A quarter of our new cohorts for Spring 2021 have also safely arrived in Thailand after complying with the national regulations for two weeks of Alternative State Quarantine. Our hopes were that our new students would kickoff their first semesters with the regular classroom modality. However, we remain optimistic that the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Thailand will soon decrease, allowing us to resume hybrid instruction and see new faces on campus! 


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