Webster University Thailand News

Visualizing Fire Emissions in Upper South East Asia

Webster University Thailand Computer Science students gave a presentation, at the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN).

Classrooms Under the New Normal

COVID-19 has brought about changes to everyday life, and the classrooms across Thailand are no exception. When the second wave reached Thailand in early December 2020, educational institutions across the country had to return to their online modality.

The New Identity Recognized on the Digital Platform

Mr. Johan Fantenberg from ForgeRock gave an informative Zoom presentation about digital identity management. He explains that the key question with identities is trust.

New Year, New Term

We had the privilege of welcoming 43 new students for the January 2021 intake. The new student body is made up of students from 15 different countries.

Making Your Marx

Dr. Monoug Somakian and his Students Express Their Approach to Taking IR Classes Online: “My lesson plan outlined the global consequences in the eventuality of a pandemic and how COVID has raised global challenges that we have not witnessed in almost a century.”